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Additional Information

Family Portrait Reservation fees

Sessions: $150 – $395 depending on studio or local location
Destination Sessions outside our local area: provided by quote. The reservation fee applies towards your portrait order.

Family Portrait Pricing

An Average Family Portrait investment is: $600-$800 and it includes a larger one for yourselves and a few smaller ones for gift for family and friends.
Portrait Collections starting at $623
A La Carte Pricing Available.
A Digital Image for social media is available at no extra charge with a print order (of the same image).

Preparing for Your Session


If you are scheduled from 3:00 – 4:30 and show up late or you are not ready, you will have less time in the camera room. If you need to get ready here (hair, makeup, etc.) please arrive early enough to be completed by your start time.


Avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. Let it be natural. Quick, easy hairstyle changes during your session are OK, but make it quick or you lose camera time. Artificially bleached hair is often not best, in 10 years you might say “What was I thinking??” Bring your hair care tools and products with you if need be. It IS ok to show up early in curlers if you need to.

Although our photographer tries to help with hair, it is hard to know what your hair “is supposed to look like”. So make sure you like the look or let the photographer know your preferences. Hair style is ultimately YOUR responsibility.


Best tip here, keep it simple. We want the attention on you. Big, shiny jewelry can distract from the real subject, YOU. If you have different jewelry for different outfits, you might put each set of jewelry in a plastic bag and hang it on the hangar with that outfit.


BRING THEM!! Bring props that help define who you are. Some popular choices are: Sports equipment (soccer ball, football, hockey stick, hurdle, whatever), sports uniforms, music instruments (from school tuba to rock guitar), activities (dance leotard and shoes, swimming, hobbies, you name it!), vehicles (motorcycles can come in the studio, cars must go to the park, we suggest more than an hour session for car shots).


Most glasses produce glare! Some prescriptions will more than others. Your best bet is to check with your optometrist. Most will “loan” you an empty set of frames similar to yours for your photo session.


Tan lines are not attractive in portraits. We suggest you vary your swimsuit top or use a tanning bed to minimize any tan marks. Remember to not overdo your tanning, skin that looks like dark leather is not the most attractive.

AVOID SUNBURN! Sunburn and peeling skin DO NOT photograph well!! Tan, yes, burn, no. If you are a winter or spring session and your tan has faded, you might consider tanning. But don’t overdue it so you look too fake-and-bake.


We retouch blemishes, so don’t worry about minor breakouts. We even now offer an inexpensive option to retouch your entire folio or album!


Friends or parents are welcome. They can be a help. HOWEVER, if they distract you, it is best to have them wait in the gallery. You can have a couple of shots with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or sibling at no extra charge.


Pets are OK as long as they are house broken. It is a good idea to have someone bring a pet, then leave with them after. Or bring a pet carrier to contain them while you are being photographed without them. Treats can be helpful to hold a dog’s attention.


Let’s face it, we are at the mercy of mother nature. If it rains, fretting will not help, we simply have to reschedule. Don’t worry about clouds, they actually HELP! But rain falling IS a problem. If it is a morning session, we will take your phone number home with us and call you if we need to cancel due to weather, otherwise, we are on! If it is daytime and the weather is questionable, simply call the studio.


Just let the photographer know if you want tattoos to show or not. It is that easy. Scars are not automatically retouched, but can be removed or softened at your request. Extensive work may have a slight extra charge. Braces? Don’t worry. You could have the tops taken off for your photo session, or we can take them out by computer. But don’t fight smiling, a braces smile is better than a dorky, holding-back a smile look.


Along with our standard tips, we have compiled a list of items specific for Guys and Gals. Click on one of the following links to download more specific information:

Special Considerations for Guys

Special Considerations for Girls


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many years have you been in the photography business?
bwp has been a family owned and operated business since 1969.

Do you have experience in different types of photographic services?
Yes with families, children, high school seniors & business portraiture.

Where can I read about other clients?
See ABOUT US/TESTIMONIAL PAGE. More available upon request.

What is the hardest part of photography?
Not letting the business run me.

How many portrait sessions have you done?
Over 1-million served.

Are you Certified by a State or National organization?
Yes, Master degree of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, PPA Certified, Florida Degree of Photographic Excellence. What does all this mean? It means that you are in good hands.

Are you listed in the Best Photographers of America?
Yes, by invitation only!

What type of guarantee do you offer?
That you will be 100% THRILLED with your finished portraits or your money back!

What organizations do you belong too?
Professional Photographers of America, Florida Professional Photographers, Senior Photographers International, Professional Photographers Society of Central Fl- president 2006,07 & 08.

What is the procedures/policies for your photographic services.
We meet first prior to any photographic service to discuss policies & procedures.

Who will be working with me?
Bruce Wilson, Sr. Bruce Wilson, Jr., Sandy Sodeyama are the photographers, and a photographic assistant along with a portrait consultant.

How long will the finished portrait take?
We ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for finished delivery. Rush delivery is available.

Are the images retouched?
Yes, only the ones you select and order from.

What clothing looks best?
Solid colors that are medium to darker tones work best.

Top 10 Myths about Bruce Wilson Photography

10. You have to spend $1000 to come here,
Not true. Although many of our clients love their portraits and do spend a lot on them, we also have clients that spend less.

9. You have to be a size 2 to come here.
We try to make everyone look their best. If you are concerned about your size, we can bring out other good features like beautiful eyes or hair and hide anything you are uncomfortable with.

8. I have to buy pictures from my school.
…Wrong! Your school might dictate who you have to get a yearbook photo by. Many schools get a kickback from the “school” photographer, so they would like you to go there. But the school can NOT tell you who you have to buy from. Buy your portraits from whomever you choose. If you don’t like the work of the school photographer, complain!

6. Some pictures look kind of sexy, do I have to do that?
NO! Just be you! Some people are conservative, so we treat them that way. Some people want to look like super models, so we treat them that way. We judge a lot by the clothing you bring. We want you to look your best, but at the same time, be comfortable and just be you!

5. We are expensive.
If you compare how much an 8×10 is, or how much a set of wallets are, you will find that our prices are in line with other studios. Our session fees are slightly higher because we spend more time with you. What will often happen is that our clients love our portraits and want to buy them ALL!

4. It takes MONTHS to get an appointment.
Not true. Although the more popular times book further ahead, you might be able to get in reasonably quickly. Some sessions, like summer sessions DO book quite a bit in advance. So for these more popular time spots, we suggest booking up to 4 weeks ahead. For normal studio times, you can probably get in with 2-3 weeks notice in summer/early fall, 2 weeks during the rest of the year.

3. BWP Portraits all look the same.
NO WAY! We have over hundreds of backgrounds and travel to a lot of locations. We don’t want them to look the same any more than you do.
2. You won’t have fun during your senior session.

WRONG! At BWP you will have lots of fun and our staff is very laid back. Everyone has a blast here!

1. We can make anyone look good.
OK, you got us on that one!